Our Story

Our Story
What began in 1929 as an educational building has served many purposes to many people over the years including school and church. Locals have fond memories of the building and many have family members and loved ones who attended school or church here at the "Old Rea Valley Schoolhouse." Efforts and good intentions had been put forth over the years to preserve and restore the historical building. The efforts of Kelley Hurst and the committee will forever be appreciated and remembered. However, the old building was truly brought back to life in 2021.

In the midst of rebuilding a life for her and her son after the unexpected loss of her young husband, Heather Curtis and her neighbor Kelley Hurst began to restore the old building. Realizing now more than ever that time is truly the most precious possession and time spent with those we love is never wasted, they wanted to provide a cozy and welcoming space to gather with the special people in your life.

After nearly 17 months of deep thought, careful planning, and a lot of hard work, The Old Rea Valley Schoolhouse was given its beautiful new beginning as "The Valley Venue" in 2023. It is their hope that families will enjoy this beautifully restored building for years and years to come. Remember, you don't need to wait for a special occasion to gather and enjoy those you love most.

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